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Our modern, state of art Aluhall Tent is the way to go. We have a variety that ensures you have both comfort and quality when enjoying the event. For events that require an efficient use of space, the Aluhall is an excellent choice. The Aluhall is easy to lay out and expand. Because of its free-standing, aluminum structure, this hall can be erected on nearly any type of terrain. The PVC side panels ensure an agreeable interior climate, while a peak ventilation system facilitates natural ventilation. In certain cases, additional ventilation may be necessary, such as in order to release excess heat. It is then advisable to make use of the Cuckoo, an innovative roof ventilation grid that enables extra, drought-free air circulation, all while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate

Why Aluhall?

  • Taking care of everything

It takes lot of time and attention to build a temporary structure. That’s why at Alma tents we take as many concerns off your hands as possible. If so desired, we offer turn-key solutions. From the planning application and construction to the interior layout, we can advise and assist you in the entire process. We work with highly regarded partners in such areas as sanitary units, climate systems and furniture, so you can be assured of quality. And because we are your point of contact for all concerns, you don’t have to deal with arranging these issues yourself. This allows you to focus on your own important business.

  • Safety and quality

Your safety is our concern, which is why we use fire-resistant materials and make sure the anchoring is secure.

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